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easyjob 4.0 Update

At present update release '' is available.

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The following new features have been implemented in easyjob 4.0 Build 1423


  • Bug Fixes
  • Context menu in easyjob Today
  • Item filter with added stock location
  • Track Device Item search also by serial number, inventory number and barcode
  • When saving a Project or Job, only the changed fields will be saved.

Master data

  • Address sales trends are grouped by Job Status
  • Advanced ownership management (easyjob XL feature)
  • Contacts in Jobs, Purchase Orders and Sales Orders.
  • Job cost name expanded to 100 characters
  • Multi company management (easyjob XL - Feature)

Project Management

  • Display of the Job status colors in the resource tab
  • Filter Job selection via an address selection also by supplier
  • If during check-out the start date is prior to today, there is an automatic request if the check-out date should be adjusted.

easyjob 4 Mobile (Scanner, IPhone, Windows Mobile)

  • Missing Linked Associated Items can be transferred to a Missing Items Job when unloading

Project Management

  • Multiple creation of Job costs with the same name

easyjob 4 Mobile (Scanner, IPhone, Windows Mobile)

  • New view for displaying ongoing tasks
  • Scanner Adjust Target Figures user right changed from quick load to Item Scheduling

Project Management

  • Shadow copies are hidden when created

Item scheduling

  • Device filter when loading a Job
  • From the option Include proposals, also the filter is preset in the availability check and overbooking view
  • Track device item search also on the basis of a serial number, inventory number and barcode.


  • Schedule return Jobs in advance

easyjob 4.0 CRM

  • Advanced activity view for targeted activity filtering
  • Create a new activity from an existing activity
  • Dashboard view in order to view all a customer's important activities
  • In the program settings, it can be set that when printing from the Project, a CRM activity is created with a PDF attachment
  • In the Project, related activities (Purchaser Orders, Workshop Activities and Invoices) can be viewed.
  • Owners on the address so that for marketing campaigns, the activities can be assigned to the corresponding owners

Resource Planning

  • Resource status also with vehicles


  • Payment plans for staggered project invoicing (easyjob XL feature)


  • Job cost name is used for invoicing

Server Manager and Database

  • For better data security, we have changed the database recovery model from simple to full

Printing/Report Designer

  • Open printer driver settings from the print dialog
  • Printing in e-mail, Subject and To can now be overwritten from the report designer
  • Request multiple report parameters via a dialog (customization by our Support possible)
  • When using the standard printer, the paper output bin option is now better supported


  • BGV A3 touch leakage replaced by substitute leakage
  • Contact selection for external service providers

easyjob 4.0 Controlling Center

  • Address master data, new payment terms for suppliers with transfer to the Purchase Invoice
  • Improvement in connection with the scanner: turn document attachments


  • Assign devices in the Sales Order

  • integration

easyjob 4.0 Freelancer Communication Pack

  • Advanced connection settings for the IMAP server

Manufacturing Controller

  • BIC statistics
  • Cost Planner
  • Create new activities also on the basis of existing activities
  • Generic resources for machines, rooms or similar
  • Navigator and easyjob Today view details
  • New Report Type
  • Progress diagram for activity tracking
  • Purchase orders in progress for the activity can be viewed
  • Sales Items, Rental Items, Purchase Orders, Resources, Manual Iine Items and Tasks can be assigned

easyjob 4.0 Multi Currency

  • BIC reports
  • Data entry for conversion rates (calculation and actual rate)
  • Data entry for currencies
  • Invoicing in foreign currency
  • Project calculation in foreign currency

The following new features have been implemented in easyjob 4.0 Build 896


  • Bug Fixes
  • Windows Sidbar Gadgets
  • New user right: Login

Project Management and Calculation

  • Adressansicht im Projekt zeigt bei ausgewähltem Kontakt die Kontaktinformationen aus dem Kontakt an
  • Change job time frame. Request if the resources should also be moved.
  • When a job is cancelled, the resources are also canceled
  • Move the job using the context menu in the job as well as in the monthly overview.
  • Copy job creates a quick 1:1 copy of the current job without additional requests.
  • Display job selection in the bill of items also as a list.
  • Hide job. Hidden jobs can be made again visible in the project context menu.
  • Shadow copies are automatically hidden
  • Invoiced job. Box with edit invoice right linked
  • Multi-site version in addition to permanent and temporary item transfers, also cross rentals.
  • Basis for discount of the bill of items can be configured in the master data between the item master data and the packet/price list price.


  • Availability view highlights overbooked days in colour
  • Item packets can also be copied with item references
  • The sub-hire wizard sorts newly created sub-hires at the end of the project
  • The sub-hire wizard shows the availability of the selected items in the last step
  • Cart request for optional associated items
  • Scheduling board selection Include proposals
  • Cart selection Include proposals
  • Stock availability selection Include proposals
  • Bill of items Onfly-Check takes the Include proposals setting into account
  • Improvement of barcode support for cable connected scanners for job loading/unloading

Resource Planning

  • The resource plan can display resources grouped by jobs and scheduled items
  • Resource assignment to a scheduled item for a Job
  • Resource plan selection for displaying only free Resources
  • Resource type selection in the resource settings of an address.
  • New navigator view. Jobs with no resource assignment.
  • Resource plan extended display options in program settings.

Printing/Report Designer

  • New integrated List&Label Designer Version 14
  • Note: With the integration of the new List&Label Report Designer, all report templates are updated during a database update. If a variable error message is displayed when printing, please open the Designer once and save the report file.
  • Real data preview from the Designer
  • Direct display of the newly created reports after creating the new template
  • SQL queries from the report designer to the easyjob database
  • New report types can be customized by Support
  • When exporting a report (PDF,...), and in the case of already existing file names with the same name, the new report is exported with a consecutive number
  • The report selection menu displays the reports on the basis of the display rights of the logged in user
  • Inventory history in the item information report
  • New localround function in order to round using the Swiss rounding system
  • Completely new implementation of the Job Devices report type. This report type now takes Parts List assignment into account
  • Job time frames are transferred as fields in various reports

Item Master Data

  • Multiple devices in the item for barcode printing
  • Custom fields with scroll bar with long texts
  • Gross item price is calculated based on the rounded net price
  • Device list with barcode column
  • Device owner

Address Master Data

  • Custom fields with scroll bar with long texts


  • Date selection longer than 12 months can be selected
  • New sales statistic category
  • New purchase order system statistic category
  • Statistics can be customized by Support
  • In addition to the right to view statistics, also the rights granted for the individual program modules are taken into account.
  • Multi stock selection and expanded multi stock reports

Database and server management

  • easyjob warning with missing backups
  • easyjob warning with low server memory capacity
  • Data import, barcodes and owners also imported
  • Possibility to enter taxes with multiple decimal places

New program option: easyjob 4.0 Mobile

  • Offline mode for loading and unloading
  • Automatic switching of online/offline mode
  • View and create addresses
  • Use telephone functions from the address book
  • View item schedule
  • Book items in a job created offline
  • View resource planning
  • Book resources in a job created offline
  • Load and unload jobs
  • Unload projects
  • Start barcode printing
  • Assign a device serial number via the scanner
  • Offline synchronization inventory
  • View and create addresses
  • Use telephone functions from the address book
  • View and create projects
  • Load/unload linked associated items
  • Deactivate group request when loading
  • Assignment of devices to linked associated items

New Program Option easyjob 4.0 Mobile

  • Managing purchase invoices
  • Assign the document scan to the purchase invoice
  • Fuzzy Logic for purchase invoice assignment
  • Authorization workflow for assigning a purchase invoice to a project
  • View of the purchase invoices in the project, purchase order, sales order, workshop, item and address
  • Project post calculation plan and real cost overview
  • Controlling Center Entry Screen
  • General expense management
  • Investment planning tool
  • Payment instruction planning
  • The Business Information Center takes the real costs into account for assigned purchase invoices
  • Enhanced Business Information Center statistics for the Controlling Center functions
  • Navigator and easyjob Today view details
  • User Rights

New Program Option easyjob 4.0 Webshop

  • Silverlight Webshop generation and upload from easyjob
  • Customization of the webshop design and integration in existing websites.
  • Master data setting for item publication
  • Wizard for processing incoming webshop requests

New Program option: easyjob 4.0 Freelancer Communication Pack

  • Processing electronic request messages
  • Communication Center for processing incoming and outgoing messages
  • Navigator and easyjob Today view details
  • Various selections in the resource plan for tracking the request status
  • IMAP and SMTP communication interfaces

The following new features have been implemented in easyjob 4.0 Build 441


  • Bug Fixes
  • Integrated L&L Service Pack
  • easyjob components optimized for 64-bit operating systems
  • Expanded graphical display program settings
  • CRM Connector for the exchange of addresses and contacts between easyjob and Microsoft CRM


  • Option to consider or not consider proposals in Overbooking display

Master Data

  • Device number assignment reset option
  • Division of accounts in preparation for the easyjob 4.0 Controlling Center
  • Direct Master Data import from Microsoft Excel

easyjob 4.0 DigiFleet

  • Archive and analyse your digital tachographs with easyjob DigiFleet
  • Import driver and vehicle information via Download Key, Download Terminal and Chip Card.
  • Analysis of activities in easy-to-read graphics
  • Analysis of infractions against mandated Driver Rules
  • Develop easy-to-read pace and speeding profiles of your drivers
  • Analysis of speeding instances
  • Proof of Activity (EU-Form)
  • Address and Item Master Data integration

The following new features have been implemented in easyjob 4.0 Build 314


  • Bug Fixes
  • Option to deactivate Windows Visual Styles for Vista
  • Unused program modules can be deactivated and hidden from view


  • Optional associated items can be multiplied by the original quantity
  • Context menu for quick selection of items to be sub-hired

Master Data

  • Cut & Paste contact details from main address entry

easyjob 4.0 Business Information Center

  • Interface for customized statistics


  • Sub-Hire Optimizer supports warehouse transfers between sites
  • You can now select addresses for individual sites
  • Site Master Data editor

The following new features have been implemented in easyjob 4.0 Build 246


  • Bug Fixes

The following new features have been implemented in easyjob 4.0 Build 220


  • Add Associated Items fractionally

Labor Planning

  • Automatische zeitabhängige Tarifauswahl

Microsoft Office Integration

  • Addresses and Contacts can now be synchronized with Outlook

The following new features have been implemented in easyjob 4.0

*** easyjob 4.0 ***


  • The Navigator view now has sales and purchase order categories to choose from.
  • The easyjob Today view now has sales and purchase order categories to choose from.
  • The Monthly Overview can now be customized to display up to three Project lines.
  • Project, Job, and Resource status colors can be customized according to your preference.
  • Reminder Window for Overdue Activities

Project Management

  • New Pending Sub-Hire status
  • Option to sub-divide Jobs into phases (load, setup, show, strike, etc.) each with its own billing rate
  • More space for notes
  • Create Purchase Orders directly from Sub-Hired Jobs
  • Flat Rates and Fixed Discounts
  • Job-Specific Price Lists
  • Project Costs now divided in Job Costs
  • Calculate Price with Tax in Cost Planner


  • View Cost Planner directly in your Order's Bill of Items
  • New Associated Item category: Optional Items
  • New Associated Item category: Linked Items
  • Associated Items suggested when booking
  • Sub-Hire Assignment Wizard
  • Sort Items on Print-Outs as desired
  • Manually type unique or non-inventory Items into Job order
  • Multi-Line Editor
  • New Context Menu features
  • Sub-Hire Optimizer

Resource Planning

  • Completely Redesigned Resource Planner
  • Automatic calculation of billable Days and Hours

New Module: Purchase Order System

New Module: Sales


  • Updated Scanner Simulator

Printing/Report Designer

  • List & Label Report Generator Version 12
  • Send documents via e-mail directly from the Print Menu
  • Integrates with easyjob Document Manager
  • Improved Print Menu
  • Additional data fields and variables from which to choose

Improved Document Management

  • Document Preview
  • Document Properties
  • Automatic Creation of File Folders

Item Master Data

  • Keep track of the purchase and sub-rental pricing offered by your suppliers. Sort by Priority.
  • Sales Inventory

Address Master Data

  • Assign pay rates to Individuals

Vehicle Master Data

  • Average Speed


  • Business Information Center Add-On opens directly in easyjob program